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Parish Pay Information

ParishPay, our electronic donation partner, was acquired by a company called YapStone.

You may have noticed on your bank statement that your donation to ST. CHRISTINA CHURCH was processed by “YapStone”. Rest assured, those donations are for ST. CHRISTINA CHURCH, and moving forward your donations will show on your bank account statement as “ParishPay Donation”.

Thank you for your continued support.


Dear Parishioners,

We are offering the option of using a service called “ParishPay” to make donations to our Sunday Offertory and special collections. ParishPay provides parishioners with a most effective method of making weekly offerings. Regular church collections through ParishPay mean that you will now have the option of donating through your checking, savings, or credit card account and have the funds directly transferred to the parish each month.

ParishPay also collects for specific second collections. Parishioners who use Parish Pay for their regular gifts can elect amounts based on the month and the collection name.

For instance, you can plan individual gifts for the Retirement Fund for Religious, Christmas Flowers, Easter Flowers and The Retired Priest’s Fund. This enables you to plan out your gifts, and support what is most important to you.

If you choose to use ParishPay, it will replace your weekly envelopes. However, if you would still like to have something to put in the collection basket, special donation slips are available. For those interested in such a system, please click the following website link:


Follow the simple procedures listed and if Parish Zip Code is asked, remember that our zip code is 60655.

There is no cost to use ParishPay, and if you wish to adjust the amount of your weekly donation, or change your account information, you can do so easily by contacting the Pastoral Center, or by phone at 1-866-PARISH-1, or at the website www.parishpay.com. ParishPay enrollment cards are available in the Pastoral Center.

As always, know that you remain in my prayers.

Thank you so much for your support and God bless you,

Father Thomas P. Conde

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